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Error Message When Annotating PDF

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I have been using the annotation feature in Evernote (Windows) for the past 2 days. It worked fine the first day, but today it won't function correctly. I annotated a PDF today for about an hour and then I received an error message reading "This resource has changed unexpectedly or has been deleted externally. Please save a copy in a new note or try again later."

I tried opening the PDF again and annotating, but received this message again after 2 minutes. I tried troubleshooting for a while but continued to get the same Error message. I turned off the sync, tried a local EN notebook, and tinkered with some other settings. I purchased EN Premium primarily for the annotation function, so for it not to work is disappointing. Someone please help!!

Error Message EN.jpg

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Hi.  Not usual or expected behaviour.  Was the PDF you had been annotating an existing note attachment?  What software were you using for the annotation?  At what stage did you receive the error - while annotating, when saving...?  When this process was working,  did the annotated PDF save back to its parent note or did you save to desktop and drag/drop into the note?

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The PDF I was annotating was an existing note attachment. I was using the annotate feature included with Evernote. I received this error originally while annotating. After several times attempting to annotate the document, I received the error message again and again, even if I had just saved. When it was working (briefly) the annotated PDF would save back to its parent note. After receiving the error message though, it would save to a different note of its own creation named "Annotated Note". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I have no idea why I'm getting this message. 

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