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Web Clipping of YouTube Episodes and Evernote Title Descriptions

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In my Windows version ( (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)) of the Evernote application I am finding that when creating a new Note, the title of a new Note, will be the name of a previous referenced YouTube episode.  I have seen this verified behavior come and go over the years, so it is not entirely a new issue and you should find a similar note that I posted 4+ years ago that detailed the same issue and was finally remediated.

I am using Chrome (Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)) browser and I am viewing a YouTube video at the YouTube site.  Down the right-hand side of the browser window are the typical YouTube video recommendations.  When you click on one of those "suggested" video's, view it in a new browser tab then perform a web clip, the auto-filled title for this new Evernote specific note will be the name of the original YouTube video that showed all of the recommendations.

Example is attached.  Where the title of the Evernote web clip is previous browser tab "80/20 - Extreme DIY..." that had all of the video recommendations.  When I clicked on a recommended video for how to "90-Degree Notch Carbon Fiber..." then attempted to Web Clip...it retained the previous name of the original video. "80/20 - Extreme DIY...")

Evernote YouTube Example.JPG

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