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Attachments not shown/synced

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When I attach photos of documents to my notes in Evernote on the iPhone, I see thumbnails in the note list, but not when viewing/editing the note.  The note text syncs through the cloud and shows up in my Evernote desktop, and I can see some thumbnails, but not all of them.  Also cannot see the attachments when viewing/editing the note on desktop (or web).

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1 hour ago, sympleko said:

I can't tell exactly how large they are, but I would guess in the 400K-1MB range.  Three days later, the images still don't appear in the note.  

The notes aren't stored on your 'phone, they're downloaded afresh from the server each time you 'open' them in the app;  so if the slow connection issue affects them,  leaving the note open for several minutes might see the image appear.

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Well, it worked fine that time.  So maybe I should just be more careful when snapping documents to make sure they appear in the body of the note as well as in the thumbnail.  If I catch it again, I''ll repost.

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