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Calling through Skype

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I had the option that when I clicked on a phone number in Evernote it automatically made the call through Skype. Now I no longer have the option and in the list of apps to choose from when click on phone no longer appears skype. I have skype installed and online it´s logged in. Not sure what I have done and how to get it back. 

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It is possible to set defaults for installed software in Windows - don't know if that affects dialler choices;  otherwise some text expander software like Phrase Express could (I think - never done it!) be set up to take a highlighted number and automatically dial that number in Skype with a "Ctrl+<key>" keyboard shortcut.

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Sure, and you should be able to choose Skype as default but it is not appearing in the list. In the list I have Chrome, People, Edge, Your Phone. 

I have Phrase Express, checked it in all details, Google search PhraseExpress/Skype but can't make it happen. 

For the understanding, each number on Evernote I have with Hyperlink with tel:[number]. 

So, when I click on it I get different options (Chrome, People, Edge, Your Phone), but not skype. Before I only had to click on the number and automatically it started dialing on skype. 

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