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(Archived) Things ENShortcuts does even better than native EN client


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I have a HTC Desire with Froyo and recently i installed ENShortcuts.

And I think that the EN developers should really take a close look at things ENShortcuts does better:

- Better caching of Notes list

In the native EN list it really takes a bunch of time when loading the all notes list.

In ENShortcuts the list is cached and notes can be selected while the list checks for updates in the background

- Better viewer for notes when on slow network:

The native EN app first loads the whole note. If the note contains text and a big pdf, EN first loads text AND pdf before displaying

ENShortcuts loads the text, displays it and loads the pdf in the background.

Why cant we have these features in the native app?

Maybe you guys should team up with this developer...

Besides the features above i think it would be great to integrate the shortcut option into evernote, just like ENShortcuts does.

I dont want to complain too much but we android users suffer under a really big lack of updates, improvements etc.

I know u guys are working on it so take this as a good advise from a Evernote lover!

If u want to get ENShortcuts:



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