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Some emojis disappear from the note when I edit it with the web client

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The moon emoji and sometimes other emojis disappear from the note once I edit it with the web client in Chrome. This has happened when editing from a Windows computer and a Chromebook. From time to time I need to use the web client to adjust some notes and it's quite annoying to have to manually add the emojis after using the web client. 

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Just for the record, we have got a new client and a new editor since the first post in this thread was issued.

I can think about emojis that are specific to a certain platform as a reason. Many emojis are standardized, but others are not. They may only exist on one operating system. Or they are similar on other platforms, but look differently.

I use emojis in my notebook names for a visual reference. They look identical on Mac and iOS, but when opened in Windows, the look is changing.

You could add to our joint user experience by posting some emojis here that work, and some that won’t.

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There are two things going on here.

Firstly the font needs to support the unicode character in question. This depends on the browser you use. Google open-sourced the no-tofu fonts about 5 years ago, so you could download them and set them as the fonts for your web browser to check that it's not a font problem.

The second problem is that some emoji have now moved out of the range of characters which can be expressed in 4-bytes. Javascript itself started out using utf-16 for strings (because that's what the JVM uses). This quickly became too little (it only allows 65000 different characters) and now almost everybody uses a variable length encoding called UTF-8 (invented by Rob Pike - who later invented my favourite programming language). However to the best of my knowledge, javascript (like the JVM) uses extended characters to support 4-byte, not UTF-8. I'm not sure to what degree the browsers differ in being able to handle characters from the supplementary multilingual plane (also called "the astral plane"). These are unicode code points beyond the 4-byte limit.

To check this you could try some astral plane characters. Here's a list on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plane_(Unicode)#Supplementary_Multilingual_Plane

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also of course the back end and the interface technologies need to support the characters as well, but if it works on one client then its a good sign that the back end supports it. 

as to the interface technology, if i remember correctly, evernote uses Thrift and that is totally agnostic with respect to string encodings.

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