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Hello In my notebook.text is wide. How can I fix it?

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On 7/31/2020 at 2:22 AM, sun5022 said:


This is my problem in my notebook.

Why Text is wide?

How can I fix it??

Please help me.

이미지 1.png

Standard for me when text gets wonky in EN or any app is to File - Exit  or equivalent and restart.  And if that doesn't work shut everything down and reboot.

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Thank you very much. everyone

I know it.
This is my stupid error.

I use korean language windows. and shortcut of full wide width key is activated.



This text of "전자"  is full width text , when this is activated, I write like this.

and The menu of "반자" is half width text. 

Thank you. gazumpedCalS 

Have a nice day.

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