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Standardize Tags



Tags can be added any which way you would like from the MAC app and phone / iPad. Yet the gmail add- on converts every tab to lower case. For those that are OCD and want them standardized, is there a way to easily convert or set a preference? All upper case? Proper? Lower case? And, the gmail add on is great but you can’t see which tags already exist which would be nice too!



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Hi.  There's nothing (that I'm aware of) 'built in' to Evernote to restrict or control the allocation of tags - that would be a contradiction in terms: tags are meant to be totally under the 'control' of the user. Depending on how you're assigning tags, there's often a drop-down or a search option to find the appropriate one(s) - but otherwise it's down to you to have a tagging system that you can follow consistently.  You will inevitably find that typos and inconsistencies will arise - I think that must be a feature of all tagging systems - and those you can address on the desktop via the 'tags' page where conflicts can be spotted,  or by searches where you notice that there are inclusion or omission errors that you can correct as you go.

Evernote may upgrade the tagging system in due time,  but with their many current priorities I wouldn't expect any major changes anytime soon.

Meantime I use Workflowy to keep my (rather chaotic) grey matter on track - it's an outlining app* which I keep pinned in my desktop browser. I can mirror my hierarchical tag setup with extra notes.  If I'm working on a project that requires several standard tags I'll keep them here as a string "Acme Inc - anvil,delivery,wiley" and copy the last three words as a string into the tags field on my note. Evernote will then split them into individual tags.  Next time I see something related I can search Workflowy for any of the keywords there and jump to that entry.

Since as well as being forgetful I'm incredibly lazy I also use Filterize which can use quite an extensive search feature so that if I save notes containing "Acme Inc" (for example) in future, it could assign my chosen tag string automatically. (Be sure you choose unique keywords for that though, otherwise you could be cleaning up some strange errors!)

Filterize can also automate Table of Contents lists so that all your Acme notes (including the one you just saved) could be listed on one dynamic ToC list for your reference.

*Workflowy does an insane amount more than 'just' outlining - do some more research on that when you can!  There's a free option,  but I subscribe for access to lots more...

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On 7/30/2020 at 10:59 PM, BaxterG said:

is there a way to easily convert or set a preference?

Not an automatic way to convert or set a preference of which I am aware.  It sounds like in your world you should set your preference to all lower case as you use Google a lot, and convert existing tags to lower case.  To reduce the angst.

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