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(Archived) Where can I buy scanner within Germany or EU?

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I want to start, but need a fully appropriate scanner for Evernote.

But I need to buy it in Germany or at least the EU to avoid customs hassles.

Any advice?

The story: Following Evernote's advice I bought a Doxie (light, cheap and Evernote-approved). Mistake. Like many companies Doxie plays global but didn't want to go the extra mile. Result was a demand to visit my local heavily bureaucratic Customs office in order to pick it up. I was looking at a full afternoon in my working week and that is no way to efficiency or time management.

Result is that Doxie gets its product returned and has lost this sale.

Doxie, if Amazon can manage the customs charges and bureaucracy, then why not you guys?

I don't care about the extra charges but I highly value my time.

So I still need an Evernote-approved scanner that is light, portable, in a similar price-range to Doxie (<200) and sold within Germany or at least the EU.

Any advice?

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