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Well, nothing happens.  After selecing "Email a Copy:", I select a valid email address (like my own), select "send", the window returns blank,, as is normal) and the email is not received.  No errow messages. Nada.





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Sounds like you might have a syncing issue. Emails are sent through Evernote's mail servers, but to attach a note it must be present on that server. Have you checked your web account by signing in to Evernote.com to see if those 'unmailable' notes are present?

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I went to Evernote.com and a red banner informed me that I had used 95% of my data allotment.  Maybe that's why my recent Notes didn't get sent!  I'll wait and see what happens after the first of the month.  Thanks for that suggestion, I didnt know about the notes have to sync with Evernote.com to be mailed.


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