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unremovable "untitled notes" and sync issues

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Hello there
I don't have business account or business notebook but when I want to delete some of my untitled notes This error appears on the screen!
I have some "untitled notes" that could not be deleted and some of them have sync issue too. I tested any sync solution I've found in the internet, but doesn't solve the problem.
I have these "untitled notes" and sync issue just in windows version and everything is fine in my mobile device!
How can I fix the problem?
Thank you.


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Hi. There seems to be some serious confusion with your account about these notes. Have you signed into Evernote Web via Evernote.com to check what the situation is there?  Provided you have all the notes you need synced to the server, the easiest solution might be to totally uninstall Evernote from your device and then reinstall to allow Evernote to recreate the server copy of the database on your device.  If the notes you wish to delete are unsynced,  they'll disappear with the uninstalled app.  If some are still present in the web account,  delete them via your browser so that when the database is downloaded it will not require further action.

Do copy your 'old' database folder to your desktop in case anything goes wrong with this process,  and don't uninstall until you have an uninterrupted hour or two of downtime.  Downloading the database can take a little while,  depending on your internet connection and the number of notes!

How to uninstall and reinstall Evernote

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41 minutes ago, IschaGast said:

I have the same problem, the only thing is that even after removing and reinstalling evernote they still come back.

Are there any other solutions to fix this?

I use Evernote 10.10.5 on a mac.

In the browser those notes do not appear 🤔

If they're only on your desktop,  you could try an uninstall with extreme prejudice.  I've seen Appcleaner suggested for Macs (I'm not a user) though I don't know if anyone has used that with EN10.10 yet..  Or the safer method - reach out to https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

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