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News on ScanSnapManager for MacOS Catalina

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There is news from Fujitsu: A new version 7 of ScanSnap manager is available for Download. It is 64bit and will ONLY run with Macs on Catalina. So everybody who has not upgraded to Catalina needs to stick with the current 32bit-version 6.x . The new version supports the current scanners (like the ix1500 and ix500), but will as well inofficially run for scanners like the S1500, S1500M, S1300 and S1000. Fujitsu just states that it will not offer any support for these end of lifetime models.

However, those who want to load the new version NOW should think about it twice. The reason is that the current first 64bit-version V7.0L20 does NOT support scanning into Evernote, as is does not support scanning into other cloud services. It is for local scanning only. Fujitsu has announced that cloud support will be added in a LATER version of ScanSnapManager 7, currently under development

So I will stick for the time being with ScanSnap Home, and wait for the full cloud support. But it means that Fujitsu is correcting the mistake not to develop a 64bit, full featured software for MacOS. So wait and see when the version with EN and cloud support will be launched.

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