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Penultimate not working

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Andrew, I have the exact same problem. I can create new notes. When I try to open the old notebooks I see an image at the top left of the screen that looks like black pages. These seem to  indicate the number of pages that were written in that note.... touching them does not open the page or do anything at all. I'm going to delete the app and start again..... done... had to sign in again to Evernote.... after it synced up, which took 10 minutes all the notes were there and accessible. Good Luck!

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Glad I found this post. Having same issue. 

I just got my new iPad Pro 11 - restored it from iCloud backup. I can open one workbook with small number of notes, but the most critical notebook with many notes just crashes.  I really like the simplicity of this app, I realize many fans are not happy that no further development is happening. At this point I just want access to my notes!

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I am having the exact same problem.  After migrating to a new iPad from a backup, I am able to access maybe 20% of the notes, with no particular pattern that I can find.  When I try to access the others (I can see the notes “icon” but not it’s content), I get an error message that says that I will have access when the Penultimate finishes syncing, but that never happens.

I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but that did not work.

Has anyone had any better luck?

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The new EN client for iOS has a build in sketch ability. Handwritten stuff can be placed and edited right inside of a note. 

When creating a new note, use the Sketch option in the pop up menu. when inside of a note, hit the blue „+“ and select Sketch.

Penultimate was never a great app, and obviously it is time now to ditch it. Take Sketch, or start using a real handwriting app, like GoodNotes 5, Noteshelf or Notability.

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