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Web clipper changing stackoverflow page layout

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         I am facing this issue recently that whenever I clip a page from stackoverflow, the page layout gets distorted. Any help is appreciated.

Chrome Web clipper version 7.12.8











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I find that most web clips I try do not properly display. (MacOS 10.10.5 Yosemite, Evernote 6.12.3, so yeah, old mac, old OS). If its an article or page I particularly want to retain, I will do multiple clips, first full page, then simplified article, and finally a screenshot version so I can see how it was supposed to render. The screenshots nearly always get resized and distort the fonts, making it look bad though. It is increasingly frustrating. The whole purpose of this application and service for me is to save articles and information that is important or interesting to me. Yet when I revisit them, it can be hard to see why I would have clipped such a jumbled mess.

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Hi.  Web pages are built by dozens of different applications with varying degrees of accessibility.  The fact that Evernote is able to get anything off some pages is an achievement,  an exact copy would be a miracle.  I use a variety of methods to get clips from cut and paste to using any "print this page" built in options,  or displaying it (on my desktop) as a mobile page.  I also use third party page capture,  printing to PDF and even taking a photograph or the desktop screen with my mobile.  You just have to keeo trying until you can find a way that generates the least worst copy!

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