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Evernote ios keeps crashing

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Since two days ago, every time I open my Evernote app on my ipad it crashes. Within 1-2 seconds it crashes. I can't do anything, not even submit a bug report in the app with the activity log. Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried powering on/off my ipad, deleting and reinstalling the Evernote app multiple times. Making sure Evernote is synced and working on the desktop/web versions (which it is). I submitted a report through Evernote website but it says it may take a week for them to get to my issue. I'm using the 9.7 ipad pro on 11.1.2. Any ideas? It's happening on my iphone too, though not with the steadfast regularity that it happens on ipad.

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Is there a reason you are „answering“ cold threads, just to mention a software one need to buy to „solve“ mysterious ios problems ?

This is a user forum, and we are not happy about commercial ads coming along as forum posts.

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