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Sign In Issues w Pennultimate

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Hello again. I've forget if I've had any issues or questions w my iPad so I forget if I've already mentioned the general info for my iPad but I'll mention it again just in case I didn't. I'm using a 7th gen iPad and I've downloaded the EN note taking app, along w Penultimate on my iPad. About a half hour ago, I had moved a note file into the synced file for Penultimate on the app for windows 10 and I did this so I could access the file on Penultimate. After I did this I went back on the iPad to the Penn... app and I clicked the app to start up but it quit and crashed on me, I don't believe it even closed out the app it just crashed. So I tapped on it again and it gave me the "app had crashed would you like to report this error.." not the exact words but something very similar so I clicked this and then I couldn't even get to the page where I could report the error it just did the same thing again and crashed. So then I decided to close out both the EN app and the Penul... app and force restarted the iPad and logged back on once it started up again. Opened up the penul... app first and this time it went to the log in screen I typed in my account login info all correct, double checked to make sure it was correct, and told me it was the wrong password. Then I tried once more said the same thing so I went to the note I have written down for the password on my iPhone to make sure it was correct, sure enough it was. And I checked the email to make sure that was correct as well and it was. So I'm not really sure what to do at this point. Should I make a new account? Change passwords? Change email? The account seems to be working fine on the EN app for windows 10 so I don't think it's the account that's the issue. But if anyone has had the same problem and has fixed it, or just has general suggestions please lmk!!!

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