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Please help me think of a workaround

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First of all, sorry if my problem is hard to understand, english is not my native language.


My boss has recently started to adopt Evernote. Outside of Evernote he has hundreds of folders of clients and each of these folders holds 5 to 20 files approximately. He keeps on using his folders and adding things to them, but I want him to start importing ONLY NEWLY ADDED FILES to evernote.

If I use the "sync folder" option(I don´t recall the exact name), it starts to import all of the old files into evernote. This is unneeded and will only make things messy (They are literally thousands of files).

What I want and don´t know how to do is to sync those folders where he keeps adding stuff but only add NEW FILES to evernote. Is this somehow possible ?

I´d GREATLY appreciate a solution. Thank you.

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Hi.  Evernote has Import Folders,  which will add new and changed files to the account as new notes (or notes with attachments).  It's possible to set the options so that imported files will be deleted after being imported,  or to leave the files in place.  Those files won't be re-imported unless and until the file is changed in some way.  It's a really good idea to delete the original file after it is imported because otherwise there are two files in existence - the original file,  and the imported copy.  That's a recipe for confusion with different changes being made to each file.

While I understand your concern about your boss saving random files into Evernote,  it may not be the worst thing - there's a very good search language which will find information quickly when you (or he) needs it. However you do have a monthly upload limit of 10GB,  and it is a bad idea to exceed it.  (The account will probably freeze.)

You might want to suggest to the boss that he looks at Evernote Business,  which has a higher upload limit,  and separate limits for each employee - but needs an 'Administrator' to manage it.  That should not be your boss and might wind up being you...  Your choice whether you mention that option.

Either way you really should get him to decide what he wants to use the database for,  and try to document a system that you can both follow - and explain to new staff - to keep it all in check.  If it is a question of keeping client information you could,  forinstance,  set up a template so that the name, address and details are all captured in a standard way. 

How to create import folders in Evernote for Windows

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You are on one of the most critical jobs in professional life: How to manage your boss without him noticing it. And don’t underestimate your boss, because it is his job description to manage you, so he is probably good in noticing that somebody else tries to manage him. Good luck on this.

As a strategy, because no business will close down to switch to another system (be it EN or else), a set of rules is always good, like

  1. Make a pilot use case to weed out problems before switching.
  2. When switching, all new cases / orders / workflows go into the new system. All cases currently work-in-progress will be imported into the new system at a given date, and from then on treated as new cases in the new system.
  3. The old system will be blocked for new stuff, and set to read-only (IT-technically, can be done by changing the order access to read-only for all normal users) for archive use
  4. If an old case needs to be revived (follow up order etc.), it is first imported into the new system, and then treated as a new case.

For all of this, EN business is made, because it makes for setting up workflows and really have several people participate in a workflow, each one doing his job for the final result. On anything less than business, it is a one-person-show and will most likely cost more friction than it generates gains.

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