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Securing my Evernote Data

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I've been using the free version of Evernote for a while now, via the web client, and I've compiled quite a bit of information I can't afford to lose.

How can I back up my evernote data?  Is there a need to do this, or are there multiple copies stored disparately already?  Given there is a note history feature, I'm thinking perhaps there are already multiple back ups I could recover from if something happened to cause a problem on Evernote at some point.

I work on a Ubuntu operating system, so I don't know if there is a client that would enable me to download and store an archive of my notes.

Please advise on a good strategy to ensure no data loss with Evernote.

Thank you

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EN rents it’s servers from Google, so they are professionally run, located in safe data centers, and there are several copies. Note history is running for all users, although you need a paid account to get access to it. However, note history will not help if a note was permanently deleted.

Personally I think backing up is a good idea. It is of course much easier when you use the Windows or Mac platform, because they hold a local copy of your EN data base. I run a job with Acronis True Image that creates a copy of my EN data base every day.

Probably if you are on Linux only, you have to try the direct cloud sync as advised by @DTLow  .

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You have 2 options:

  1. Export your data as described before
  2. Create a backup of the database folder with a 3rd party backup program

The first option will create a file that can be loaded to other programs as well. Just be aware that the notebook information is not conserved - so better export each notebook into an individual file, to be able to recreate it notebook by notebook.

The second option does not create a readable file - but you can recreate your data base by simply restoring the backup.

Both are not necessary as long as your server data is untouched.

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