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what if i exceed the limit of evernote?

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i'm currently a basic user.

I almost exceed the limit of evernote. (85kb left) 

now , i am still able to write a note in both PC and mobile 

but synchronization isn't available between the two.

why is this happening ? 

Is it because i have very low remaining capacity to upload?

if then, how could i still write a note?



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Hi.  Imagine if the warning you received was "you are now entering a minefield" - would you be keen to proceed?  If you exceed the 60MB monthly upload limit your notes will not be synced with the server. You won't be able to edit existing notes or save new ones.  It might be useful to upgrade to a subscription - even if only for a month or two - to get the higher limit,  or if you have another email address you could set up another free account until your current account limit resets...

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Technically it is possible to set up a second account.

However IMHO it creates more trouble than it solves. The notes „belong“ to their respective account, and sharing is not as simple a solution as it sounds.

I would advise to go for a paid account, even if just for 1 month, to get full upload capacity.

The upload limit does not only count the notes content, but some overhead as well. As soon as you are in the Kilobytes instead of Megabytes of free limit, it can stop at any time. Not a good idea if you have work to do ...

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