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Email attachments at bottom of note - change default to top?



I send a lot of emails with attachments to Evernote. The attachments always default to the bottom of the note. On a long email thread, this often can be very far down in the note and then I have to cut and paste to move it to the top which can be time consuming. Is it possible to default the attachment to the top of the note when you send an email to Evernote? (I used both the email and outlook clipper to get the emails to Evernote). Thanks!

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Hi.  Not possible in Evernote I'm afraid,  but (IIRC) some email clients can forward the whole email,  just the email,  or just the attachments.  If you could send,  or set up a rule in your mail client to forward the email and the attachment in two separate mails,  you could then merge the two resulting notes in 'reverse' order - or just leave them separate and open them in two separate windows.

As an after-the-event possibility you could select one or more notes and save the attachments as separate files which could then be added to Evernote as individual notes or note attachments and linked back to the original emails with a note link.  Up to you which method (if any!) seems feasible.  ;)

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