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(Archived) Combine 2 synced notebooks

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I have 2 notebooks that are both around 500MB in size and I want to combine them into just one notebook. One of the notebooks was a non-synced local notebook I created when I ran out of my premium space last month. I guess I should have just moved the notes to the synced notebook this month when I got my new space allowance, but I clicked on the link to make a synced notebook without thinking. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks and I really like this program!

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To do this, you'd select all of the notes in one notebook and then drag and drop them onto the other notebook. Once you've done that and synchronized, you can get rid of the other notebook.

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Thanks for the reply. I messed up my synced notebook with a lot of duplicate notes when I imported the wrong export file. I got it all cleaned up but now I hit the 500MB allowance for this month so now I have to wait 30 days to add more data. I suppose there is no way to reset that upload allowance counter. Evernote is a great product, but that tiny upload allowance is annoying. At least make it reset when notes are deleted from your servers.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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