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It's been gone for a while so maybe it's just another dehancement, but I can no longer view my notebooks (or anything except icons) in the sidebar. Of course, there's no option under views to reveal, other than a checklist of stuff to show in sidebar, which appears to have no functionality. I'm hoping this is just one of the many EN "tricks" that one just has to know because it's not in the menus. Or they just did away with this feature and left the menu. Who knows with EN? Anybody know of a fix so I can get a useful sidebar back?

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1 hour ago, salgud said:

I can no longer view my notebooks (or anything except icons). in the sidebar

I suspect you've minimized the width of the sidebar1901640494_ScreenShot2020-07-20at8_32_41AM.png.1af23b97002c704842335560db097269.png

Actually I like this view - there's less clutter
The notebook list is displayed with a long press on the notebook icon


To expand the sidebar width, drag the side handles

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