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Handwriting android vs apple gap (more like abyss)



Dear Evernote, 

I've been a premium user for quite a while, and I use Evernote quite extensively to sort my work notes. I use it on android devices - samsung tablet and samsung note. 

Recently I was testing new ipads pro we might be getting from work and I was shocked. Why are we get a secondary experience on android?! 

Handwriting has a significant delay(lag) even on samsung note 10, palm rejection is nonexisting and keyboard doesn't disaper when I'm adding a handwritten note. Not to mention no s-pen support -which I'm not sure is your fault. 

Ipad experience is miles ahead, at least when it comes to handwriting. I know there is fewer devices to optimize for when it comes to Apple products but Android version of handwriting feels like it was made for those super old tablets with resistive touch screens and ghastly rubber styluses..
(Honestly It's not that terrible, just after having short apple experience I'm quite disappointed)

Best regards,

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When it comes to handwriting performance, there is much to be said about iOS vs. Android. 

In both cases EN is borrowing its abilities from the OS the mobile device is running.

Personally I am using GoodNotes 5 on my iPad because it feels the best for me when taking notes with the Apple Pencil. Others prefer other apps, or use the Apple Notes app. The EN iOS app unfortunately is behind in following the OS. It is still on the level of iOS 12, which was released 18 month ago. Apple is right now rolling out the betas of iOS 14, which will offer handwriting recognition for all apps that implement this feature. I hope EN will finally release the new, overhauled clients.

For me taking handwritten notes is currently no option in EN. I prefer to export from GN5 into EN when the note is taken and closed. It even takes the OCRed text with it, makes the handwriting fully searchable in EN. This workflow works for me, and takes the best from both apps.

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On Android it's far worse. I am using samsung note - then converting to pictures and sending to EN. 

On apple it's actually possible to use handwriting in EN- palm rejection works, there is a proper pen support and keyboard doesn't pop up for no reason.

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This sounds like the Penultimate app EN offers for handwriting.

It is nice and free, but was not updated and improved for quite a while. Other handwriting apps are far better, offer handwriting OCR, pdf annotation and a wealth of other functions. They do not come for free, but are not expensive either. Most are available as a one-time purchase.

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I think Evernote just doesn't have enough engineers to write a client for Android which uses the Android APIs for touch screen input. As an experiment, try writing in google notes using a pen on Android -- it's much better than Evernote. 

Back in the day (up to about the Note 5), Samsung supported Evernote directly in the note-taking app. Unfortunately they stopped and are now even moving to One Note (if i recall correctly).

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