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(Archived) Feature Request: Templates

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About the best option now is to export a note that includes with all of the stuff you want, including tags, formatting, etc., out to Evernote format, and import it when you need it. Copying the note doesn't et the tags.


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Or try these pages for a template system:

http://www.thoughtasylum.com/blog/2009/ ... rnote.html

http://www.thoughtasylum.com/blog/2010/ ... rnote.html

http://www.thoughtasylum.com/blog/2010/ ... rnote.html

The third supports tags. If you have a tag set in the enml of the enex file it will be carried through to the new note. I have a batch file set up for multiple users using the same account and when they add a template it includes a tag for the person who added the tag (taken from the Windows username) as well as other static tags and date text in the resulting note.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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