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(Archived) How To Deactivate Premium Content?

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Hi Dave,

I'm having the same issue in wanting to cancel my premium subscription, but on my account, when I follow your advise here, I don't see any button that says "cancel subscription", even though I do have a monthly recurring premium subscription.

What to do? Please help, since I really don't need the additional features offered by the premium account anymore...

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We just realized that our service update on Wednesday night introduced a bug that prevents the "Cancel subscription" link from being shown to some paying users. We'll push a fix for this to the servers in a few hours.

Sorry for the confusion.

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I'm wondering why the cancel button disappeared completely from my account information after I pressed it months ago. I assumed that my account would revert to regular at the start of the next billing cycle, but it didn't. And- despite your fix, it still isn't appearing on my account/billing information. Please help- I don't need the extra features!

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