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Evernote Web Clipper struggles with some Websites

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I use the Chrome Evernote webclipper a lot for keeping news articles.  I find that that Evernote usually fails to copy content from the  Daily Mail (newspaper in the UK).   Admittedly the website is packed with Ads and other rubbish but "Pocket" manages to copy the specific content every time (and almost instantly) and Evernote fails (even when i select "simplified Article").  

Try this link as an Example: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8521719/British-farmers-propose-radical-plan-return-area-size-Dorset-nature.html 



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Hi.  If you send that information to Support they may be able to get around whatever coding 'features' the DM has in place - but from memory (I don't usually frequent that site willingly) it's a mish-mash of copy, ads and pop-ups.  I'm not surprised that Clipper has issues. 

My general approach to web clipping is: if it works - great.  If not,  there are a LOT of alternative ways to copy content - screen grabs / printing / different devices (mobile vs desktop) / 'sharing'...  Web pages can vary tremendously in their underlying code,  and the authors vary in their expertise and compliance with accepted standards.

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Thanks Gazumped. I'll raise a call with Support.


As I said, Pocket has no problem clipping this content so I know it's do-able and I don't want to faff around using multiple tools when I'm paying for a Premium subscription.

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frequently have issues clipping from Wikipedia (Android, usually Vivaldi browser, but also FF and sometimes Opera [almost never use Chrome anymore ]).  From desktop clipping is fine but Android bizarrely has serious issues for some inexplicable reason.  "Solution" has been to revisit failed clips on desktop later, but it's a painful situation.  Notion is much better about clipping, but EN still my main tool, for various reasons.  Guess I'll have to look into Pocket again though...

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Don't know if I mentioned it,  but Google Docs also has a clipper - check your browser add-in store - that seems to operate pretty much like Evernote's version.  I say "seems to" because I keep getting asked to 'validate' my copy,  and I have no idea how to do that... (!x{{[]!)...but if you could get it to work for you,  maybe that's an option.  Google docs,  of course,  can easily be linked to notes...

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