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(Archived) a little bit of dataloss, stuck on note history.



hi all,

first, i will submit a support ticket later, and i'm writing here to see if other users experiencing the same problem/thing/phenomenon... and maybe help.

i have saved the logs to submit them, when i'm on a place with a mail connection.

here are my steps/requirements:

i have a note (A) with some images and text mixed.

-i delete the first image (mark the image in the note and press backspace)

-i drag'n'drop a new image on the same position where i just deleted the "old" one.

-(i do something else, which i don't remember with that or another note. sorry.)

-i press CMD-Z to UNDO my changes and have the original image back instead of the new one. (the "old" image is shown and everything seems to be ok.)

-i then modify some other notes.

-i go back to the note (A) and see this:


a "?" instead of the image...

because i had a similar issue before, i go to "note history", which is a wonderful feature.

note history showed two notes.

the new one

and an old one.

so i imported the old one!

after importing the old note, hoping i could just copy the image back from it to the updated note (A),

i just saw, that the particular image wasnt there!.

i imported the actual note from the "note history" to see if it would show up here.

but it didnt.

so i now have 2 imported notes without the needed image.

and an updated note with a broken imagelink (and no needed image).

i quitted EN, because i wanted to try the windows way. (quit&restart and everything will be fine)

after restarting EN again, i go to the "note history" again to try my luck.

now i only see this:


(nothing happens to the circle which normaly cycles. it is just stucked)

and, even better, if i choose other notes and go to note history: same thing.

hopefully anybody can help with getting my beloved image back.

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