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Web Clipper comparison: Chrome vs MS Edge on Washington Post

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Chrome is my preferred browser but have discovered that Web Clipper on Chrome misses important content on the Washington Post. For example, on this particular story https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/06/14/ripple-effects-downturn-show-pandemics-early-economic-toll-was-just-beginning/, Web Clipper on Chrome does not include key information including the article date, the author, photo, photo text, or the first paragraph. Web Clipper on MS Edge captures this information.

Does anyone have a solution?

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Hi.  Use Edge for clipping from the Post?  No clue as to why the content should differ,  but is this true for all clips, or just this page?

This is a -mainly- user-supported Forum. As users, we can offer information and suggestions from our collective experience. Although Evernote staffers do read the posts here, and there are Admins to keep everyone in line, there's no guarantee how soon your post will be seen.

If you need help on a technical issue Evernote support is available via the website (subscribers), on Twitter @EvernoteHelps (everyone) or via the Facebook community. There's also a feedback link on the latest web interface.

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Upon further examination it seems that the problem is common for both Chrome and Edge (I am running MS Edge Version 84.0.522.40 (Official build) (64-bit)).

Another example is this story where both Chrome and Edge miss the following info including the photo caption, author info, publication date, and first two paragraphs:

"School buses at the San Diego Unified School District Transportation Department. (Bing Guan/Bloomberg News)
Image without a caption
Opinion by Danielle Allen Contributing columnist
July 16, 2020 at 4:57 p.m. EDT

Pathei mathos — in suffering we learn. The words of the Greek tragedian Aeschylus continue to echo in my mind.

Our suffering today in America is finally teaching us that we need to fight covid-19 for real; we need to pursue not just mitigation — slowing the spread of disease — but suppression — getting back to near zero case incidence. But just because we grown-ups have had to learn from suffering doesn’t mean the kids should."


I appreciate that this is a user forum and appreciate any suggestions. I'll post elsewhere as well.

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There are probably two ways to reach this goal: By suppression’s, police state methods (like where it emerged), or by broad consent among citizens, coordinated by a government that takes decisive measures (model case New Zeeland).

I don’t agree to police state methods, even when the results are positive. By all other means if public consent is missing, any government can at best hope to keep it below the level where public health care breaks down. Because when it breaks down, it is too late to take countermeasures.

But I think this was enough off topic for today ...

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