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Difficulty (/possibility) check: Scheduled emailing of notes

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Hey all - I've been browsing the SDK trying to understand how hard this idea would be, and I'd love a reality check from more experienced folks here. 

The problem I'm trying to solve is that I have tons and tons of notes - from quotes I like to thoughts on articles I've read - but I never go back to them. To solve that, I'd like to create an app/service that, at its most basic, automatically emails me a note every day. Ideally, the service would keep a database of all current notes and alternate sending items from different tags or notebooks. 

It's been a long time since I coded - like, over a decade - and I was just a casual coder back then. This seems like it shouldn't be that hard, but I wanted to double-check before I went any further to make sure I'm not missing some obvious blocker.

So, any thoughts on whether this should be doable, and if so, how hard? Thanks!

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14 hours ago, dlinsalata said:

Ideally, the service would keep a database of all current notes

I use scripting on a Mac (Applescript) and can access the Evernote database to select random notes

>>automatically emails me a note every day  

I think access to an email facility would be more complicated to set up  
For myself, scripting gives access to my personal Mac email   
I actually have scripts emailing status/warning notes

Evernote has an email feature that possibly you could tap into

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Anything is doable I suppose, some random generator to pick a note and then hope it is one that you care about?

IAC, I use an alternate method of sorts, not as generic as what you propose.  I use three tags - !!Weekly, !!Monthly, and !!Quarterly.  I add the tags to notes I want to review at the period defined.  Sometimes I'm happy to see the note again, sometimes it is a bust and I remove the tag.  It's kind of a reload a concept process for me.  I have a note for each tag with a reminder which I reset after the periodic review.  I do have to have some forethought to add the tag to a note.  Does not help if I just want to pull something out of the pile though.  🤷‍♂️

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