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Search in multiple PDFs simultaneously

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I am trying to set up a Notebook with two notes. Each note has a large pdf attached. 

I would like to be able to use my iphone and make one offline search that gives me results from both notes/pdfs. 

I have already set up my ios app to sync/download that notebook so I could search those pdfs offline but I am still having trouble getting results when I search the notebook. I am able to search in each note individually but that takes forever and adds many steps to the process. 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. 

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Hi.  Are these searchable PDFs?  If so, they should be searchable...though doing so from a phone screen may be less than efficient.  If they are not searchable PDFs then you'd need to wait a short time while Evernote's servers OCR the content to create a searchable index - an hour or two should see them searchable.

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Similar question: I have 5 notes, each with 20 or so pdf files attached. When I do a global search on "lorem ipsum," it brings up all 5 notes.
So the text is found deeply imbedded somewhere in one of 20 pdf files in each of the five notes. Not terribly helpful.. is there way to narrow it down (ie, highlighted text in the specific pdf)?

Or, is the best practice to only attach one pdf to each note to avoid this?

Thank you.

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On 10/19/2021 at 7:42 PM, Gurn Blantzten said:

Or, is the best practice to only attach one pdf to each note to avoid this?

Hi.  You cracked it I think...  Long (or large) notes are slow to load,  hard to edit and liable at the slip of a finger to take out a week's worth of research.  Shorter notes can be glued together by titles,  tags,  saved searches or Tables of Content and you can jump directly to any items of interest.  If all you get is a link to a PDF file,  you can open it inline and use a Ctrl+F / Cmd+F search to jump to all occurrences of the search term(s).

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