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I am trying to set up a Notebook with two notes. Each note has a large pdf attached. 

I would like to be able to use my iphone and make one offline search that gives me results from both notes/pdfs. 

I have already set up my ios app to sync/download that notebook so I could search those pdfs offline but I am still having trouble getting results when I search the notebook. I am able to search in each note individually but that takes forever and adds many steps to the process. 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. 

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Hi.  Are these searchable PDFs?  If so, they should be searchable...though doing so from a phone screen may be less than efficient.  If they are not searchable PDFs then you'd need to wait a short time while Evernote's servers OCR the content to create a searchable index - an hour or two should see them searchable.

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