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I just downloaded Evernote to my new MBP 2020, upgrading from my 2015 MBP. I like to use snippet view in Evernote, but I'm experiencing a problem with the icons associated with my notes. I have a bunch of Powerpoint and Word notes but the snippet icons appear as Mac's Pages and Keynote applications. I deleted those 2 applications as I never use them. Just curious as to why this may be happening. The old word and ppt icons were helpful for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled, no luck. Image attached. Thanks for any help

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 9.01.22 PM.png

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23 hours ago, Ron Devine said:

I just downloaded Evernote to my new MBP 2020,

Hi.  I think you answered your own question.  Your new MBP has to download all your notes and create various search and thumbnail indexes.  This will take a little while.  Give it 24 hours and look again?

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