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I'm running Evernote for Mac. I've copied a notebook that was shared with me so that I can modify/edit the notes for my own use. However, the internal links in the copied notes don't work. If I click on a link, it just takes me back to the original shared note. Is there a way to make the links work within my copy?


- Felipe

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11 hours ago, Felipe99 said:

Is there a way to make the links work within my copy?

That's a known problem with note links   
As you discovered, the links are coded with the note-id of the original note   
but the note-id gets lost when copying/merging/importing

I make a practice of appendIng the note-id to note contents.                
         Id: [ee54e6a3-dd90-4b0f-8196-72b0b6868776]
This allows me to use text search to resolve broken links

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