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Email address used in scannable remains an old email that I changed in evernote settings ages ago

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When I go to send a scan from the scannable iPhone app, the From email address is set to an old work email that I originally used to create my evernote account. I have updated the email address in my evernote account settings.

I can see that I am logging in to Scannable with the correct account that has the updated email address as my Evernote access history shows that I have logged in to Evernote via Scannable today.

How do a get Scannable to update the email address to be the latest email address on my Evernote account, or, is Scannable getting the From email address from somewhere else? 

I have deleted and reinstalled the evernote app but the problem persists.

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22 hours ago, Charlbury said:

I have deleted and reinstalled the evernote app but the problem persists.

Hi.  The installed app is not connected to Scannable - better to reinstall the Scannable app.  Don't know whether that would work.  If not,  and you don't have any history stored in the app,  you could also try creating a new Scannable account...if that's possible: I'm not an iPhone or a Scannable user!

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Just checked it on my iPhone:

In the app I have not found any settings to set a standard "from" e-mail address.

When scanning and sending the scan by mail, scannable seems to use the standard Apple mail app. It used (if by accident or by default I do not know) the first mail account in my account settings. I changed this account by the selection wheel, send the mail, and made another scan. It returned to the first mail account in the Apple mail apps account settings.

So maybe there is an old mail account still in the settings on the iPhone.

It may as well be that the mail address is taken from the EN account (where I happen to have the same one as the first in my mails settings). Then it probably needs to be changed there.

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