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Sharing Notebooks To Non-EN Users?

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I want to use Evernote to provide online access to a Notebook to Non-Evernote Users with read-only access.  Is it possible or can I only share an individual note using a web link?

Ideally (but not required), within the Notebook, I would prefer to identify "internal" notes only for me and and "external" notes that anyone can see (without logging into Evernote).  I am guess this is only possible with a Business Account with all users that can see internal notes having their own account?  


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22 minutes ago, Consultant said:

I want to use Evernote to provide online access to a Notebook to Non-Evernote Users

Shared notebooks are documented here

>>I would prefer to identify "internal" notes only for me and and "external" notes that anyone can see (without logging into Evernote)

Instead of a notebook,  share a Table of Contents note that has public links   
You have complete control of entries in the note

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30 minutes ago, krestor2 said:

I also want to know the answer to OP's question. The linked article is woefully inadequate

Woeful in what respect?  It tells you precisely how to share a notebook,  and whether or not you are an Evernote subscriber it's possible to set up a 'test' notebook to share and experiment with what that would look like to a non-user recipient.

There are two options besides sharing a notebook:

  1. Use shared pages - in the same notebook,  create an index note using the public links to the pages you wish to share.  Share that note publicly and send the URL to your intended recipients.  (Again you may want to test yourself first.)  Add the index note URL to your shared pages so users can jump around between them as necessary.  The same notebook can contain unshared notes if you want to maintain drafts and support notes that will not be visible to your users.
  2. Third-party add-in Postach.io does some of the work involved above for you.  You can convert an Evernote notebook into a blog by adding a tag <published> to notes as required.
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If a notebook is shared, everything in it is shared, and on the same level (read only or editable). This is the beauty of this method: Move a note into the notebook, it is shared, move a note out, the sharing stops.

The alternative is to share single notes.

Personally I find the help articles about sharing very good. If it does not answer a question, describe your use case here.


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It is possible to share notes and notebooks to someone who does not have Evernote and doesn't know how to use it.  Please read the thread so far (and Evernote's help sheet) for more on that. If your browser has an 'incognito' mode you could copy the sharing link from one of your notebooks and try it out yourself.

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First the start of this thread dates before v10 was released. So even if sharing at its core is still the same, the technical side has changed somewhat.

There is a ton of articles about sharing in the EN help database, each one describing a specific way. Here is the document about how to share to non users. The method basically works because every note is in itself a (very basic) web site, and can be opened in a browser:


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Share a notebook publicly by using the publishing feature in old Evernote legacy version:

Download the Evernote legacy version, sign in, install and sync it.

Follow these old instructions from Evernote "help":

Unfortunately, the Shared Published Notebook link only renders correctly in Firefox (It doesn't render correctly in MS Edge or Chrome).


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