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(Archived) Note background colours

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Is it possible to change the background colour of a note? Some sites I clip use white text on grey or similar and when Evernote clips them it retains the text colour formatting but not the background.

So recently I manually changed the text colour across the note. Which wasn't too bad but it wasn't a large amount and not fiddly. But it would be nice of course not to do this. Is it possible in Evernote to change note backgrounds or is it something that should be added as a feature request.

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You know, I don't think that there is a way. You might try peeking at the Evernote Markup documentation (in this document here), but I didn't see it. You can't use the 'style' attribute, for one. If there was a way, then you've have to export a note to Evernote format, and hack the markup in a text editor, even more fiddly than what you're doing.


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Evernote doesn't specifically exclude some style tags so it can be done (I've done it with NeverNote) but it might be more problematic than you think.

Not all of the clients & web browsers support the tags necessary (or at least don't support the tags I'm using to accomplish it). You might not see the background color and/or if you edit the note you might lose the style and it will revert back to white.

For example, I know that Chrome & Firefox will display it properly, but overwrite it upon saving a change, I think the Windows 3.5 client has no troubles with either displaying or editing, but the 3.1 won't display it and will overwrite it if you edit the note. It just depends upon the client and if it is a synchronized note you might have a white background everywhere before you know it.

Since I seldom use any other clients it isn't a big deal for me, but I can see where it would be a huge problem for some people. Anything fancy you try by hacking the note directly runs this risk. They don't exclude things to be cruel. There are a lot of platforms & web browsers out there and if one doesn't support something it is suddenly Evernote's fault and people start saying "Evernote loves platform X better than platform Y because this feature doesn't work".

I, however, can legitimately say Evernote loves both X & Y better than my platform. There is no love for Linux. :)

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Yes, the data model permits the assignment of colors to elements of the page, but the clients don't have a UI to select and change a background color currently.

Thanks for the feedback.

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