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(Archived) Project Management with an EN backend?

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It has been said elsewhere, particularly within this thread that there are no plans to incorporate project management features into Evernote, or anything more robust than a simple to-do style checklist.

Are there any third party programs that do project management, and save that data to Evernote?

By project management, I'm looking for, in addition to the standard to-do style checklists, the ability to assign tasks, schedule tasks and most importantly, declare dependencies (although I don't need a true critical path feature). For example, if I have task A assigned to me, and my wife needs to do task B once I've completed task A, then I don't want task B to show up as a priority on my wife's to-do list until I've actually marked task A as complete.

Why use Evernote for this? Because eventually, I'd like us to have iPhone, Android and desktop front-ends that rely on Evernote to handle the synchronizing issues.

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