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tags and notebook names are all <no name>



Windows 10; Evernote version (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) (free).

I just replaced a disk, started Evernote, and told it not to sync. I then went to options to ensure that the path for the Evernote db/etc. was what I wanted. I then went back and told Evernote to sync. It synced, but all the notebook names and tag names are "<no name>". The log shows only a few error lines. all like this:

15:10:59 [ERROR  ] [13028] [21176] 0% Image download failed, error=SUCCESS, statusCode=200,  statusText=, url=https://www.evernote.com/shard/s5/user/597745/photo?size=450

Also, it restored only 100-200 notes; it should have synced several thousand!

I exited Evernote and started it...still no joy. I exited Evernote (totally, as far as I can tell), then started it again...still <no name>. No what? ( had a backup from a few days ago, and I restored it and it worked fine, and is syncing. But it concerns me that I can't start "fresh" and sync and get everything synced. What am I missing?



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Log out of EN using File - Sign out username.  Move your EN data base (username.exb) to the desktop or wherever.  Click on EN and then before you sign in go to I think it is options and set the folder to what you want.  Then sign in.  This should rebuild the data base in the location you specified.

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