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still waiting for a major update

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I'm a user who is thinking about whether I should leave the evernote or not. Everyone around me is saying "why on earth you don't you move into Notion."

So I checked that briefly. There's still some problems and bugs but it was wonderful experience. Now I wonder why the major update developers and CEO said the beginning of the year hasn't come out yet.

  • I need completely new search algorithm that can search hashtag and search-operators(wildcards), use filtering and having good Japanese and Korean searching availability. When it comes to searching in Japanese or Korean, the program always stops for a seconds (sometimes a minute). It still remains like that.
  • New design and UX, etc: Esp, Improvement of link colour and tag colour (what is that ugly lines when using Evernote Windows on Top List View)
  • Tree: Stack - Notebook, there are just 2 levels of node. Why the hell should it be?
  • Bad spreadsheet feature. Just I cannot use it.
  • and more.
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9 hours ago, mi0 said:

thinking about whether I should leave the evernote or not

Evernote continues to deliver the features I need   
If you've found a service that better delivers the features you need, you should switch

>>I need completely new search algorithm

I'd like to see search improvements; full character/word indexing, full boolean

>>Tree: Stack - Notebook, there are just 2 levels of node. Why the hell should it be?

Evernote's primary organization tool is the tag feature   
This is supported with a hierarchy that offers unlimited levels (tree)

>>Bad spreadsheet feature. Just I cannot use it.

Evernote has no spreadsheet feature
I use spreadsheet apps and store the document in Evernote as note attachments

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9 hours ago, mi0 said:

So I checked that briefly. There's still some problems and bugs but it was wonderful experience. 

  • Bad spreadsheet feature. Just I cannot use it.

If it was a wonderful experience, and it fits your needs, what is stopping you?

Spreadsheet feature? What spreadsheet feature?

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I think I would have preferred if they stopped updating years ago actually - no major updates please.

I didn't like Notion - especially the folder type hierarchy that you desire in Evernote. I much prefer Evernote's tagging workflow and find its Stack/Notebook system more than adequate.

But I do love Roam Research's two way tagging workflow - but it's just a note taking app and no alternative to Evernote with its document archiving. And who wants things in two places... I could handle an EN update supporting that flow. 

Notion felt like just another pretty note app that gets in the way of working. Online - too slow. Importing docs compared to dumping them in an import folder, too slow. Web clipping - too slow. Storing a receipt even before leaving the store compared to scanning with the EN app - too slow.



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Go fix the other platforms, and then maybe come back to Windows .,..

The current approach is not to fix this here and that there, but to release a major overhaul to all clients. It will be build around the new editor.

Because it is the fastest way to test and get feedback, the web client is used as testing ground.

You can find more details in the videos from EN. You get them here in the forum, or at YT.

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if you could replace Evernote by using Notion then, I would say, you're not using Evernote as it is intended for - or just a subset of the features, e. g. note taking only.

If you're looking for a database based approach Notion may be your solution. Type your data in by hand, define all date fields you need, setup all dashboards you want...

I took a look to Notion, too - but there are too many limitations for MY personal use cases, e. g.:

  • no offline mode
  • no OCR of images, sketches, etc.
  • no email import
  • no way to modifiy files / attachments (e. g. Office docs) - they are just previewed / downloaded via Webbrowser
  • no easy way to just drop any kind of information into Notion, e. g. an inbox approach
  • no annotation support for PDFs, Images, etc.
  • no global Tags (I know, Notion has a different approach), but I like the Tag approach - put it into Evernote, describe content based on Tags, and that's it (I don't care about Notebooks*, Folders, Groups, Subfolders, Subsubfolders, Subsubsubsubfolders)
  • no GPS location stored into content/pages

As you can see, based on MY needes, Notion is no option.

The only thing I really miss in Evernote is the Atlas function.

The best thing is: Evernote just works. Reliable. Less updates, thats true...sounds boring? maybe... 🙂

*) besides sharing a large number of notes with others


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