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Can't Nest Tags in Windows or Browser Versions

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From everything I've read, it's supposed to be as simple as drag and drop. However, I can't do that in any version I've tried. It doesn't work in the sidebar, Tag View or in the Assign Tags popup. If I right-click a tag I want to assign in Tag View, I get a grayed-out option that says "Create Tag in TagName..." but it's not clickable. I haven't found any answers through google or in this forum, sorry if this has been asked before. Is there a setting I'm missing? I'm using windows 10.


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37 minutes ago, laurel@untappedcollective. said:

Is there a setting I'm missing?

This is the EN-for-Windows forum. I'm not certain, but it appears you're using EN-Business, and possibly there is a permissions issue preventing you access from those functions.  I'm using EN-for-Windows v6.18.4 and the issue you described works fine on my machine

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Don't know if this is relevant,  but...


Business tags: You can create and remove tags from notes in any business notebooks you've joined and have edit access to. Only an account admin, however, can go into the admin console and rename or delete tags from the account.


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