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When can users expect a solution to the issue with YouTube video clipping?

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When can users expect a solution to the issue with YouTube video clipping? I have been an EverNote user since 2012, having clipped almost 10,000 notes spread throughout 96 notebooks and this is the first time I have had any problems with the Web-Clipper. This was the top reason I chose EverNote as my primary note-taking app. I use the following browsers (all the same result):




(attempted for the purpose of using Clipper for YouTube) Edge

Should I request YouTube add Evernote to their selection under "Share"? The EverNote product far surpasses OneNote in quality and ease of use. Other open-source note-taking apps like CherryTree and Joplin cannot even compare as neither offer the ability to clip to a notebook. Please fix this feature soon as I often rely on it. As of late, I am using Google Keep for YouTube videos and would prefer to have all my notes in one place.

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Hi.  Evernote don't usually comment on individual posts,  or on whether or when a particular feature or bugfix will be released. (Part of the fun with bugs is actually finding how to stop them happening which is always a rapidly moving target.)  Chrome browsers get a daily upgrade,  so the issue may not even be Evernote's to fix.  There have been several reports,  so they are aware of a problem - fixes will be along as soon as possible.  Meantime there are always screenshots or other browsers or devices...

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