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Non-Stop Sync on new MacBook Pro

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I searched the forum but couldn't find any recent posts on the topic. I just got a new MacBook Pro with touch bar (2020 version). First I installed Evernote via the AppStore. Everything  was sync'd from the server just fine. But, the sync constantly ran thereafter. I uninstalled using AppCleaner. I then downloaded the .dmg directly from the Evernote website, thinking maybe the one from the AppStore was buggy. Same behavior persists.  On my older MacBook Pro, I do not have this problem. I am wondering if it is specific to the newer macs. I say that because, I am also having a problem with the Debit & Credit app and the developer is working with me directly as he said, and I quote..

a very limited number of users with MacBook Pro with Touch Bar have this problem.

I even had a lab session last week with an engineer from Apple to discuss this.

I should further mention, it is in fact syncing my notes. If I add a note on the MacBook, it is immediately sync'd to my other devices. The problem is, the sync button just never stops spinning. I did not restore this new mac from my old mac via time machine or carbon copy. I installed everything fresh so I wouldn't have any baggage or clutter just to avoid problems like this.

Any thoughts?

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Depending on the size of your database, and the speed of your internet connection sync may take a while.

If you still have your older MacBook accessible, you could look up the size of the EN database there. Sync should stop after it has reached (more or less) the same size on the new MacBook. It will have to build the search index, but this is another story.

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