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Full dark mod in evernote interface on WIN10



Hi Evernote developers!

I would like to ask if you are thinking about a full "Dark mode" interface? Something that would respond to the dark mode of the Win10 system.

For completeness, I know that part of the ability of evernote currently is possible to partially switch to dark colors. But what I mean is to switch completely to dark colors, as like as on the Evernote Android OS, for example.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Sincerely, a regular user and a big fan of the Evernote system

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I would also like to say that I need this feature. Evernote has slowly become my least-favorite application because all of my other apps offer this. 

I just cancelled my premium subscription because of the lack of dark mode on Windows.

For now, I will just have to use the web app because my browser can at least fake a dark mode. This is a horrible work-around solution. 

I sympathize with the developers. I know it is not as easy as many people probably think.. but I am not happy about this lack of such a basic feature for years after it is available on other platforms. 

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