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Always open notes in application?

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When I'm on the Mac, is there any way to get all note links to open in the Evernote application by default, as opposed to the browser?

I know that there are both note links and "classic" note links.  I try to create "classic" note links whenever possible, and these work the way I want--i.e. they open in the app.

But the option to create classic links isn't readily available in all contexts (for example it doesn't seem like you can create a classic link via the Note | Share Note... menu in Evernote), and I have a number of older notes that I created using regular links.   

Ideally, either there would be an option to get both non-classic links to open in the app (even if it had to be routed to the browser first).  Or at the very least it would be nice to be able to open a note in the app when looking at it in on the web.

Is this possible today?  (For what it's worth, I use Safari as my default browser.)

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22 hours ago, jcgentry said:

for example it doesn't seem like you can create a classic link via the Note | Share Note... menu in Evernote)


There are three types of links
- Classic (in-app)
- Private Browser
- Public Browser (Share)

Currently, Browser links can not function as in-app links
Previously, there was a browser cookie that would alter Private Browser links to in-app, but we lost that with recent web upgrades

There's a request posted at 
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