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Bullets in Tables Stops 'Distribute Column Widths' or 'Match Note Width

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I have a 3 column table I'm using to plan a trip schedule.  In each column I have used bullet points.  Until just now, I was confused why EN's 'Match Note Width' or 'Distribute Column Widths' table formatting features, were going haywire when trying to apply them, instead applying very weird column width ratios like approx. 1:4:5.   I discovered it was the use of bullet points used on the text inside each column?  Once I removed the bullets from all or just 1st and last columns, it worked as expected!

Is this a bug, or just me, and if me, is there a fix?  I'm using EN-Win v6.18.4, cheers.  See screen shot below


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13 hours ago, RavBoy said:

Is this a bug, or just me, and if me, is there a fix? 

Looks like a feature - I'm on 6.25.1 and this still applies.  Maybe raise it with support so they can add it to their 'to do' list.  Haven't tried for work-arounds but maybe build the table in a word processor and copy/ paste across,  or just eyeball the columns...

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54 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

I'm very mildly curious about the use case for bullets in a table. Do some cells have multiple bullets? Otherwise, why not just have one point per cell and no bullets? If it's so obvious I shouldn't have to ask, no need to take time explaining.

I created a recipe template for my wife.  Three things from that which I think are applicable to other use cases: 

  1. The vertical wasted space of an ingredient per cell can be a PITA.
  2. With many ingredients sometimes two columns make sense and they may not have the same number of items/lines per column.
  3. You do lose horizontal space

Then again a matter of taste, horses for courses.


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