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will Evernote launch an electronic notebook device?

Louis OKOK



i enjoying using Evernote for years, and i am wondering if Evernote can launch an electronic notebook device which perfectly work with any other Evernote platforms. 

recently, i have seen there are some excellent similar product, i.e., reMarkable...etc. 

would you guys please consider this project?

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Others have argued by logic (and I agree with them). Let me argue the same point by analogy.

Facebook (a bit bigger than Evernote) once tried to make a "Facebook phone". It was really quite nice to use as I remember. But do you remember it? Do most people? There simply wasn't a Facebook phone-sized gap in the market. Mainstream devices did the job perfectly well. (And after all why would Facebook want to limit their growth by offering any significantly better features on the preinstalled app compared with the regular Android, iOS, and at that time Windows Phone apps?)

For a consumer software company to make it in consumer hardware is really really hard. The Kindle is a notable exception, and even then the actual device sales are relatively small as I understand.

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13 hours ago, Louis OKOK said:

Evernote can launch an electronic notebook device

I moved your post to the request forum.   
Users can indicate their support using the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion   
Evernote is a software/service provider.   
There's no indication of interest from Evernote in launching hardware 
They seem to have their hands full supporting current platforms

Evernote is a cloud service with web access   
Data is available to electronic devices that can launch a web browser

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I doubt that this would make any sense.

EN interacts strongly with other apps on the devices where it is installed, through tools like the WebClipper, copy&paste, share and APIs. All this is not possible on a single app device.

Typicall companies who try it in fact want to lock in their customers. Sometimes they succeed, like Amazon with the Kindle. Did you know that if you give up your Amazon account, your Kindle library is gone ?

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It's also worth remembering that Evernote a few years back produced or endorsed a number of ancillary items, be it the Scan snap ix500 "Evernote edition" to a range of socks and other paraphernalia. 

They withdrew entirely from this market as a cost cutting exercise with a focus on their core product, a fact which I think most of the user group supported and were thankful for. 

I don't see them moving back into the hardware market in any form anytime soon, indeed Ian Small has made it his mission since the outset to keep the focus on making Evernote great again. As PinkElephant indicates, there is an API there. It's much more likely that reMarkable or others tap into a connection as a service. 

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