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Images resize randomly in notes after sync?

Maria Sp.



I've recently noticed that after my notes sync (between Android EN, web-EN, and Windows 10 EN), the images in several notes are resized randomly, i.e. not all images in one note, plus they are enlarged.

Context: this usually happens in my art hobby notes, i.e. notes that contain lots of images with paint bottles, photos of tools, and many other images I download and store in EN for inspiration. Another context info: I don't use the web clipper for these notes because it doesn't clip blog/pinterest/instagram well, so I download/screenshot the images and then paste them into the Windows client of EN.

Any ideas why this random resizing/enlarging may be happening and how to avoid it?

Thanks so much!

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I'm using Evernote across a MacBook Pro, a brand new iPad, and a pretty brand new iPhone, and am experiencing the same problem. 

I spend a lot of time shrinking full-size images I've brought into EN (either by pasting directly or inserting from a photo library). On my laptop, they're huge and slow down the scroll of long notes, so resizing them helps make for a more efficient work environment. The problem is, I'll go back to my Mac OS after working on a note on my iPad, and now all the images are back to full size! Is there a way to avoid this? I've tried putting images in tables, but that's both unwieldy and unsupported by the iOS. 

I guess I'm wondering what the point is of resizing images when they just get undone if the note is edited on another device.

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@Maria Sp. and @Amystoneus, these are primarily user-to-user forums, so Evernote staff don't generally respond here, except maybe to "emergencies" like lost notes or login failures. Since you both have paid subscriptions, it might be worthwhile reporting these problems to Evernote support. In my limited experience, there is very little control over the actual sizes of images attached to Evernote notes, only over their immediate apparent size on a particular platform.

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