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Remember position in notes when switching between them



Often my usage of Evernote involves switching back and forth between notes, frequently editing one and looking up info I've already saved in other notes as I go; however, every time I switch notes and back, I am reset to the top of whatever note I am opening, and then have to scroll down to find where I was previously working in the original note. It would be great if Evernote could just remember where I was typing or reading, even if this "save position" feature only applied for a few minutes or whatever. I often edit documents in another word processor so I don't have to constantly re-find the right place after looking things up in my other notes. This would be a feature I would adore.

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Hi.  If it's feasible for you to do so,  you could open two or more notes in separate windows to switch between them - I don't believe they will reset when you switch.

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