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Spaces for individual projects or types of projects

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Hello, everyone.  
I have been using EN for several years and just recently implemented EN Business for my staff team.  I have a few questions.


Are spaces best for individual projects or better for types of projects?  For example I have two projects that my team works on every week. They are recurring, but each week they are brand new.  Would it make more sense to have a space dedicated to each specific project OR have a space for the TYPE of project and just update that?   I feel like id want a space for the individual project but when I think about how the notebooks work in spaces, I’m starting down the possibility of TONS of notebooks with the same names!  


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I agree this would be VERY helpful; I'm using an app on my iPad 7th Gen called Things 3. They have this feature but this app is only for to-do lists. I think if the Evernote design team would take a look at that and somehow also apply it to this, it would be very helpful!! This might be something I might suggest in the suggest features area, and I can quote you on it if you would like me too!

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