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(Archived) intelligent folders for sharing notes with tags

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Hi all,

i'm sure, this has been discussed, but i cannot find any suitable thread atm.

i've got a lot of notebooks for me (synced and local),

and a single notebook, which i share over the net (en-website).

in this shared notebook, are only notes stored, which i collected from all my other notebooks, to share information.

this results in having those notes twice, which is unconvienient in two ways:

i have 2 notes to update if i change anything inside a note.

if i search from the "all notes" folder, i got double results. (which mostly leads into changing the wrong note in the wrong notebook...)

i too have a special tag, which helps me identifying all those notes, i want to share.

now the question:

is it possible to have "intelligent folders", like i.e. in Mail.app or Thunderbird, or iTunes (intelligent playlists)?

result should/would be:

all notes with the special tag are collected in the shared notebook and will be shared over the web.

if i delete the special tag from a note, that note wouldnt be shared anymore.

any ideas to that?

how can i reach my goal with the current version of en?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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