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Note doesn't display pdf attachment in Windows

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Any attachment in a note, new or old, when viewing/editing the note, only shows as a box outline. There's no indication of content whatsoever. Has that always been the case? It does preview in the listing of notes, and when viewing on my Android device.

I hope this isn't the normal- I've been using Evernote for awhile and don't remember this from before, but my memory is not what it used to be :-), and I don't use attachments often.


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Hi.  Just to be clear - is this Evernote Web,  or the installed Desktop version? And is this a PDF which you have created by printing or scanning a document, or one which you have downloaded from somewhere?  PDF files should display inline and not show an 'empty' icon,  but if it's a large and/ or recent addition Evernote maybe hasn't quite caught up yet.  As you're a subscriber,  you could contact support if this is an issue with more note attachments.

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Windows Desktop. I scanned, they're tiny (24KB), it's had almost two hours. And it's happening with a note that is more than a month old that I haven't touched since I created it. 

Thanks for the fast response.

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This sounds like the sort of thing that can be started by restarting the program. Exit completely  (File > Exit, or use Task Manager; the red X box only closes the interface, not the whole program), then restart. No guarantees, but this often fixes random-stuff errors that have suddenly cropped up.

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